The Aid Station Plan

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In my continuing look into my upcoming race, the Leadville Trail 100, today we focus on the aid stations. As with any race, there are aid stations. In marathons, these are often long tables piled with cups of water and Gatorade. Sometimes they give you a gel packet too. But that’s about it. However, in ultramarathons, the aid stations is … Read More

Never Good Enough

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So I am at a doctor appointment this morning… Doc: You are pretty tan. Me: Yeah, I am outside a lot. Doc: With your job? Me: No, I run an hour or more a day. Doc: You do triathlons? Me: Nah, I just like to run. Doc: You race? Me: Yeah, getting ready for a 100 mile race coming up. … Read More

The Taper Plan

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I have bounced this one around for months now. I have reviewed various strategies. Lots of ideas. It all comes down to how I need to prepare for this race. So some strategies that I have looked at: 1. Do nothing in August This one is so tempting. Why run at all? Just relax. Frankly, this was the early favorite. … Read More

Run: Golden Ponds (20.08 mi @ 08:32)

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Alright, AUGUST HAS ARRIVED. 19 days and 7 hours until the race begins. So for that many more days and surely thereafter, you are going to hear about this shit if you are reading. Be prepared. In about 2 weeks, you will be yelling at the screen…run this thing already! I hope to start laying out the plans, strategy, course, … Read More