The Leadville Poll Results

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41 responses! Loved all the interest. Question 1: Your name. Everyone got that right. Question 2: Your email. Everyone got that right except Brownie…he said Yellow. Question 3: Will he puke? The correct answer unfortunately was YES. I did puke once on the 2nd Hope Pass climb. 21 people said no. 19 said yes. So points for 19 of you. … Read More

Leadville Trail 100 Run 2010

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Distance 100.0 miles Elevation Gain 15,600 feet Time 28:53:11.2 (PR) Pace 17:20 Rank 252 of 363 finishers/647 starters/797 registered GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Mission accomplished. On January 1st of this year, I set my goals for the year. The cornerstones were Boston and Leadville. Both were going to be difficult tasks in their own right. Boston went perfectly, but Leadville … Read More

The Leadville Trail 100 Is Under Way!

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The run has started and I am on my way to Winfield and back covering 100 miles in (hopefully) less than 25 hours. The best place for updates is on my Twitter page at The official race feed is at You can also view other tweets from people about the race by searching for #lt100 or just follow … Read More

Team Shart Has Arrived

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Arrived to cold and wet weather. Its not great up here. I like me some heat. Saturday’s forecast looks much better so hopefully things dry up. I took Natalee on a driving tour of the entire course minus Winfield. Had to leave something to the imagination. We prepped and planned and worked out a few small tweaks based on the … Read More