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As of today, the fluid in the balls of my feet has reabsorbed. I can push on the bottom of my feet without pain once again. I can walk normally and not look like I have a stick up my ass. All is right once again. Think I might go get a pedicure and have them aggressively shave all that dead skin away. Its going to get in the way again. They will be sensitive for a while but at least I can start over. The barefoot mentality says this excess skin is a very bad thing so I want it gone.

Otherwise, I am feeling just fine. My right hip is still mad though. I am going to give it a few more days before I start testing it out. If it doesn’t respond, it might be time to start some more serious treatment. Sitting in my chair, I am getting itchy on how best to utilize my fall running budget/schedule. I am contemplating 4 options and one involves doing nothing. That one has the least votes currently. Another involves the word ultra and my former hometown area. Why not. But its all hinged on this hip thing.

All of that recovery has me already talking shit to Brownie once again. Didn’t I learn my lesson? No. I am 1-2 against him now. But both his and my last wins came on days when the other was not 100%. Hence, we need to do this again. And again. We are already talking about 2011 match-ups. Maybe even a surprise 2010 one. The war rages on!

But it was noted that I am 1-0 vs. Krupicka in 100 mile races. Just sayin’. I bet most of us would have been happy (except Duncan?) to lose that one though.

My parents arrive today for a weekend visit. Green Day concert with Kim on Saturday night then big party here at home with friends on Sunday. Should be a great weekend. Summer is almost over and I will miss her. Its been a great one.

Mentioned my video from the race to a few people and apparently it was missed. It didn’t show in the RSS feed for example because it was too long. All my post race stuff was missed in that case too. Here is a re-post of the video in case. Its no big production. Natalee was shooting video hands free at aid stations when I came in. I find interest in the dialog though when I question things.

Ran across a better video! Its 10 minutes and mostly covers the first 50 miles where a runner finds himself hurting and DNFs at Winfield. Inspiring and painful at the same time. But it gives a great sense of the course, the area, the atmosphere and more. Makes me wish I would have recorded some of the race myself but I had a job to do. Excited for a real movie — I don’t get why this drama isn’t a reality TV special.

Watching parts of that makes me tingle. How many more days until we can do this again? I am so there.