Band of Brothers

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Today we had the pleasure of hosting a “catch up” party in which we invited friends and family to celebrate Kayla’s 1st birthday, my Leadville finish, and the beauty of summer! One big gathering to commemorate it all. 40+ people in attendance with kids and all. Would have loved to expand it even more but my wife couldn’t fit anymore … Read More

Green Day @ Fiddler’s Green / Denver, CO / 2010

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I feel like I go way back with these guys and we have grown together. I got my first taste of Green Day in college when the pot smoking hippie across the hall said hi. He was from Berkeley, California and knew everything about punk rock. He gave me a CD from an unknown band called Green Day, a hometown … Read More


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Who cares about my run anymore? This guy is stealing my thunder! Drat. Jake Gyllenhaal was at the race as I said. Now, the articles are starting to surface with my pictures and quotes. ‘Born to Run’ movie rumors: Jake Gyllenhaal at the Leadville 100 with author Christopher McDougall? Born to Run – Jake Gyllenhaal in Colorado to research a … Read More

Turning The Corner

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As of today, the fluid in the balls of my feet has reabsorbed. I can push on the bottom of my feet without pain once again. I can walk normally and not look like I have a stick up my ass. All is right once again. Think I might go get a pedicure and have them aggressively shave all that … Read More