Run: Discount Tire to Home (9.39 mi @ 09:47)

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3.0s. Dropped off truck at Discount Tire for balance and rotation. I love that place. Those guys are great there. I heard they are great in other cities too. If you have tire business to do, I suggest you go there. Ran home. Then 1/2 way the wheels came off. Felt terrible. Gut, hot, legs, hips, everything. Fail. Walked a … Read More

Run: Hwy 66 – Del Camino (11.17 mi @ 08:01)

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3.0s. Ran in the rain for the first half. Felt great. Got tired by the end. Decent outing. There were baby/tiny frogs all over the road by the high school. It is recently paved and I am thinking that somehow has something to do with it. I saw one and thought I should save it from getting run over. So … Read More

Run: Martin Street Bridge (13.11 mi @ 07:48)

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Started the day by going to the chiropractor followed by 60 minutes on the massage table. After being away for a month, I was desperately in need of my services. My hip issue is still lingering. It doesn’t slow me down really but it feels gimpy at times and I worry its on the verge of something worse but its … Read More

Run: Mount Elbert (9.04 mi)

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Distance 9.04 miles Moving Time 2 hr 25 min Summit Elevation 14,433 feet Elevation Gain 4,573 feet Route North Mount Elbert Trail GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously. Yep, 2006 was the first and last time I was on Mount Elbert, the tallest mountain in Colorado. Back in those days, I had vowed to not repeat 14ers … Read More

Run: Turquoise Lake (13.21 mi)

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After only being back in Colorado for 48 hours, we were headed to Leadville. Might as well shake that sea-level stint out of me. We had planned a camping trip for the weekend with some friends of the family. They had not been to Leadville before nor had they camped as a family so we made a dual family adventure … Read More