Longs Peak (14,255′)

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Distance 14 miles Ascent Time 2 hr 27 min R/T Moving Time 4 hr 32 min Summit Elevation 14,255 feet Elevation Gain 5,542 feet Route Keyhole GPS Export KML GPX GPS Analysis Gamin Connect Previously. Well, that was 2001. It was pre-blog and I later threw up a page just as a marker. My sister had a detailed post on … Read More

Rub My Butt

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During the 20 yesterday, the hip was not well. Its not terrible. I can run on it. But it feels like there is a finite distance it will tolerate and surely that number is less than 100. Back for my 2nd massage of the week… My new therapist is working well with me. After the hour on Monday, I went … Read More

Run: Golden Ponds (20.03 mi @ 08:26)

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After yesterday’s post, I started doing my daily blog intake and realized that my friends and competitors are still putting down the solid efforts in prep for the LT100. The real wake-up call was seeing Lucho put down 34 yesterday on a Thursday. Some combination of a great spring and some old fashioned confidence have put me in a mental … Read More

Run: Recovery (5.00 mi @ 08:33)

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VFFs. I got sick immediately after yesterday’s run. That’s why I bonked so hard during. Felt like crap all day. Shitting water. Couldn’t eat dinner. Wasn’t much better this morning. Struggled through the day a bit but had to get out to keep the miles going. Figured it would help loosen me up. Still not so great. Found out the … Read More