Run: Del Camino (11.01 mi @ 07:55)

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With Heavenfest only 1.5 miles behind my house, I had to reroute today’s run. Took the east side loop instead. Felt hot and sluggish but the times were decent for what it was. Got to enjoy the fest folks coming back as traffic was backed up alongside me for 3 miles back home. Running is faster sometimes. Hip was hurting for the 2nd 1/2 of the run. I think pavement gets it heated up right now. OK day. Would have like to get up in the mountains but that wasn’t an option today as we are babysitting kids for the weekend and I don’t want my wife to hate me (and my running) any more than necessary. I know all this running takes a toll on time but everyone sees light at the end of the tunnel coming soon.

Congrats to Tony on his CR at White River. He is just plain making everyone look bad at this point. Big show at Leadville? I see UROY in the cards.

I went 11.01 miles with an elevation gain of 229 feet in 01:27:20, which is an average pace of 07:55. Heart rate average was 144. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.