Run: Union Reservoir (9.03 mi @ 07:36)

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LunarGlides. I figured out that my Free 3.0s are tweaking my hip.

Back to the heat. Wasn’t ready for that this morning. Miss that about California a bit. Did my usual loop because they are closing the road for the weekend because of this Heavenfest crap. So I ran through the barricades today while they were setting up because I am such a god damn rebel. Will find other routes for the weekend so I don’t get run over by the massive traffic they expect. Anyway, OK run. Decent pace. Legs were heavy though. Didn’t feel that great but glad to get it done.

I went 9.03 miles with an elevation gain of 120 feet in 01:08:39, which is an average pace of 07:36. Heart rate average was 147. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.