Run: Mission Peak (5.78 mi @ 13:10)

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Another late business dinner last night. Didn’t get back to the hotel until 10:30. Went right to bed since I knew I need to get up early to run again if I wanted to get it in on a travel day. Glenn asked me what I was going to do and I responded “probably back up Mission Peak”. He said he was game. Oddly, he had never been up it. Although, he primarily runs on pavement so this wasn’t an obvious outing for him. But he was game.

So we met at 6 AM and headed out shortly after. Given I don’t get to run with him but a few times a year, this was a nice conversational pace (for me) outing. No attempt at the PR here today. I was itching to but probably wouldn’t have hit it as my legs were a bit heavy. The fog was thick as ever down low but about a mile or so in, I could start seeing the upper mountain. An inversion! I totally fucked up and left my iPhone in the car so no camera. Totally sucked. I just wanted to go light and not wear my vest to carry it. Dumb. We were on an island of land in a sea of clouds.

Anyway, we got above the clouds and the sun warmed the air considerably and I took the liberty of picking up the pace and gaping Glenn to the top. Needed to get my heart pumping a bit more. Ended up being a 45 minute ascent with an HR of 126 average. A full 30 beats per minute less than Tuesday’s ascent average and 40 under a PR effort up this mountain. Its calling my name for a harder effort the next time I am in town. Surely, Luke will be back and can come witness my awesomeness at that point.

Glenn topped out a few minutes later and we took in a few views. I finally figured out what all those tube-looking things on the pole are for. But there is no key/legend! We started descending chatting the whole way down. When we got back into the fog, the temps dropped significantly and the sunshine was gone for now. Blah. Glenn was asking about LT100 stuff and we were debating some strategies. There was a herd of stopped walkers with dogs ahead doing a big pow wow on the trail so I started to slow to get around them and…ouch! Turned my left ankle. Glenn saw the after and yelped for me. Not good.

Kept running and we started discussing this new weakness of mine. Hypothesizing on the possible reasons. I talked about how I was attempting to correct it. Still during this conversation, I stepped wrong and twisted it again. This one brought me to a walk for a minute. What’s the fun of climbing if you can’t run back down? Ouch. Got moving again and loosened it up. More theories evolved. Ideas on how my foot is not lifting from that earlier injury to the tibialis that causes me to drag my foot. How I roll my feet inward as shown by the consistent scratches on the inside of my ankles from the opposite foot. How barefooting has played games with the amount of lift I use per step basically lowering my clearance and catching me on more stuff. And just more paying attention.

We continued the discussion to the bottom of the hill but I forcefully lifted my toes on the left foot in my shoe. I could tell that it mentally made me more confident but also felt better. Hoping I can resolve this soon.

Anyway, great running with Glenn again. He was telling people at dinner last night about the time he paced me to a 3:50 in Napa. I left that race proud but also thinking…I won’t ever run that fast (or faster) ever again! Glad that didn’t last.

I will be back here in the Bay Area in another month. I plan on making more ascents of this peak and its neighbors. Got some exploring to do.

I went 5.78 miles with an elevation gain of 2,092 feet in 01:16:06, which is an average pace of 13:10. Heart rate average was 118. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.