Run: Mission Peak, Mount Allison, Monument Peak (11.57 mi @ 09:06)

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Arrived in San Jose last night and got to bed by midnight. Set my alarm for 5:45 AM. Wanted to get up early so I could get a decent run in before a day of meetings and business dinner. I had researched a run for Ed Levin County Park in Milpitas to Mission Peak and back. Looked like 12-14 depending on which site you read. Drove 15 minutes over to the park only to find it closed until 8 AM. WTF? There was no parking lot and all the roads had no parking signs all over it. So instead of parking in a neighborhood a few miles away, I bailed on that and just drove up the Interstate 680 for 2-3 exits to the main trailhead for Mission Peak. Here I found a packed parking lot which was much more of an “ah, ha…this is where people workout in the morning”.

Mission Peak TH

Hit my watch at the gate and took the Hidden Valley Trail up to the summit. This was a wide fireroad-ish trail nearly the whole way to the top. Nice and steep on the grade through many sections. Ran every step of it up to the summit. It rises 2,000 vertical in less than 3 miles for a good workout. I put down a steady effort and tagged the summit pole in about 35 minutes.

Mission Peak Summit

As you can see it was totally fogged in so I got no views of the Bay Area this morning.

Mission Peak

From there, I headed south along the “ridge trail” until I passed by Mount Allison, which was private property. Minutes later I saw a sign that said it was 3.8 miles out to Ed Levin Park, where I attempted my start at. Then I continued on until I think I found Monument Peak. It was just an outcropping of rocks on a rounded hill. The elevation matched the map so I called it a success. I confirmed by pulling out my iPhone and looking at a satellite view. I could see a few anchors for large antennae in the ground. Apparently, these are for TV stations but I couldn’t see the large tower through the fog.

Monument Peak

First iPhone 4 video. Not my favorite but just a test.

I realized I was tight on time so I started cruising back harder to Mission Peak. Saw a coyote run right across the path in front of me. Then minutes later I was molested by a loose dog that an owner could not control. I was getting close to kicking it. On the main descent, I was in a zone and missed a turn and started descending down the wrong way. Would have taken me to a different trailhead that was out of the way by a couple of city miles. Oops. Backtracked uphill and regained the correct trail. Descended even harder given the time loss. Quick stop for one photo once I got below the breaking fog.

Bay Area View

Got to the car, got back to the hotel, cleaned up, and got to work. Our conference room for the morning looked right out in the direction of the peaks I was just on. So when asked where I ran that AM, I could just point and say “up there”.

Peaks from Cisco

Pretty solid run with elevation for a day at sea level!

Mission Peak, Mount Allison, Monument Peak by fullerbra at Garmin Connect - Details

I went 11.57 miles with an elevation gain of 3,015 feet in 01:45:25, which is an average pace of 09:06. Heart rate average was 144. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.