Running in Reston

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While on our RV trip I found out that I would have to fly to DC, more specifically Reston, VA, for a 3 day summit meeting for work to visit with folks from TANDBERG, a newly acquired Cisco entity. Been through the area before but never stopped.


Luckily, I was able to easily arrange my flights so I could take my ladies to the airport in Indianapolis and see them off. Then have some dinner and fly straight to Washington-Dulles. Only downside was the Kim would have to deplane by herself with the kids but she could handle that one.

I arrived at night and made a crappy attempt at a run up and down the road in front of the hotel in the pitch dark. They don’t have street lights here and there are a tons of trees so I was literally running by the glow of traffic lights. Should have brought my headlamp! Oh well. I sputtered around a bit and it was just good to get outside for a while to cool down.

I went 4.06 miles with an elevation gain of 229 feet in 00:38:19, which is an average pace of 09:27. Heart rate average was 125. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.



Did a little reading the night before and found out there was a nearby trail called the W&OD Trail. Apparently, this is a old railroad that was torn out years ago. They turned it and its easement into a park but its odd…it runs 44 miles in length and 100 feet wide or so. So its a glorified bike path but pretty nice and they have some historical signs along the way. I got a little excited when I saw you could run to the end, then pick up a road and another path or 2 and make it into DC. Bad news is that was like an 18 mile run one way and I don’t want to do that before work that bad. So I found it and ran it a bit. However, I saw a dirt trail system off to the side after only a few miles so I bailed down on it. The boy needed some dirt! It was a sick little piece of singletrack through a wooded forest. Runner’s World photo worthy. And it is just some type of neighborhood trail system. I was checking my watch and caught a toe and went down. Came up all bloody on my legs and hands. Took my spirit out of me. Washed up in a creek and then ran a bit more towards the hotel and called it a day. Time for work!

Meetings all day followed by a multi-hour dinner. Hit the hotel by 9 and was dead tired.

I went 7.02 miles with an elevation gain of 365 feet in 00:54:37, which is an average pace of 07:46. Heart rate average was 140. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.


My boss, Ted, said he would join me the next morning. This cut down my plans for the long DC run again but I was relieved to have an excuse. We ran that same route as the day before pretty much at his pace. Chatting a lot about life and work. He wanted to know a bunch about my upcoming race so I indulged him on the details. No crashes or falls today. Pretty easy effort from the HR perspective.

Meetings all day. Nearly was falling asleep in one. Sitting in a room all day long with no windows in air conditioning does not work for me. They were talking about my 100 mile run coming up at lunch. Always good conversation about training for it. However, I joked that while they think its amazing that I can do that, I am amazed that they can go into a room for 12 hours for a meeting without ever breaking. That takes endurance. I will have to train for that one. Actually, I used to be able to do that, but I lost the skill when I moved to Colorado.

I went 7.34 miles with an elevation gain of 296 feet in 01:07:25, which is an average pace of 09:11. Heart rate average was 122. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.


Ted didn’t have enough of me the prior morning so we met up again before work for another loop. Went a different direction but hit some of the same paths and trails. I flubbed the watch while trying to deal with a pause at a stop light and missed some miles. I should just leave the damn thing alone sometimes. It had rained last night so it was much less humid and pretty decent out.

I was mentioning something to Ted and he mentioned his place in north Lake Tahoe. Told him I *might* want to borrow it next year, say the end of June, if I get lucky.

I head home in a couple hours. Get to sleep in my own bed for 2 nights until its off to the next destination!

I went 6.45 miles with an elevation gain of 267 feet in 00:59:22, which is an average pace of 09:11. Heart rate average was 115. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.


Reston is pretty nice. Lots of tech. Good commerce. Kind of hilly. Some lakes. Lots of trees. But too humid for my taste. Time to go home.

Thanks, Reston. I enjoyed running and crapping in your wooded trails. Makes for a nice isolated experience in the middle of a busy area.