Run: Green Mountain [BK/BK] (5.46 mi)

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Back in Boulder to pick up my Mac. After Tuesday’s PR on the front side, I was curious what I might do to the backside today. I felt slow and crappy up to the cabin. Hit the watch for the split and I was only a dozen seconds off my PR to that point. Hmmm. Maybe its a good day. I ran harder than ever up through the next few sections. Powerhiked the steeps purposely to save energy for the switchbacks. I was really pumping my legs and they were delivering on the climbs. They have really changed. Luckily, I was able to keep the energy levels up until the 4-way where I saw 35 and change on the clock. Holy crap. This meant one thing. I had to run the steps hard. So I tried but was really gassed. Did my best and hit my watch at the top. Again, about to pass out. Was about a minute before I even looked at my watch. PR? Yep! By about 2 minutes. And guess what…sub-40 motherfuckers! I never thought this day would come. This was the goal for so long and I would get closer then not gain time for weeks. Then a little here or there. Then this week, things just opened up and I sub-40 PR’d both sides of little Miss Green. I feel like I am in the club now. Down easy with a big smile.

Up: 39:45 (PR)

I went 5.46 miles with an elevation gain of 2,309 feet in 01:10:38, which is an average pace of 12:55. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.