Run: Del Camino (11.01 mi @ 07:55)

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With Heavenfest only 1.5 miles behind my house, I had to reroute today’s run. Took the east side loop instead. Felt hot and sluggish but the times were decent for what it was. Got to enjoy the fest folks coming back as traffic was backed up alongside me for 3 miles back home. Running is faster sometimes. Hip was hurting … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (9.03 mi @ 07:36)

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LunarGlides. I figured out that my Free 3.0s are tweaking my hip. Back to the heat. Wasn’t ready for that this morning. Miss that about California a bit. Did my usual loop because they are closing the road for the weekend because of this Heavenfest crap. So I ran through the barricades today while they were setting up because I … Read More

Run: Mission Peak (5.78 mi @ 13:10)

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Another late business dinner last night. Didn’t get back to the hotel until 10:30. Went right to bed since I knew I need to get up early to run again if I wanted to get it in on a travel day. Glenn asked me what I was going to do and I responded “probably back up Mission Peak”. He said … Read More

Run: Coyote Creek Trail (6.00 mi @ 08:48)

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Free 3.0s. Didn’t want to get up before dawn so I only got an hour in this AM as our work meetings were to start at 8 AM. Did a random loop along the trail near Cisco and my hotel and returned along the road. Super easy as indicated by the 116 HR average. I am used to running on … Read More