San Juan Solstice 50 Mile Run 2010

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Distance 50 miles Time 12:16:46 (PR) Rank 54 of 155 finishers/188 field GPS Analysis Garmin Connect If you didn’t see my pre-race preview, you should check that out. As mentioned, I took no cameras on this race so its going to be a less visual report. However, I saw people on the course taking photos of runners so hopefully I … Read More

Run: Lake City Tour (3.03 mi @ 09:31)

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VFFs. Got up and figured I should get my legs warmed up for tomorrow. Jogged randomly through town looking for the start/finish, the armory, the first turn, the final turn, and more. Felt very fresh but a little sluggish in the warm mountain air. Missing that feeling from Boston where you show up and there is more air than you … Read More

R(un) V(acation) Trip: Day 1

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We were all packed up by late last night. Couldn’t have fit more inside I think. Oh well. All the comforts of home for five people. Plus, the baby needs an entire set of things like a crib, high chair, etc. Left home at 8 AM sharp and drove up into the mountains via I-70. I was motoring pretty well … Read More

Ready To Roll

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Months in the making are coming together. We made reservations for this trip months ago and its all going according to plan so far. RV picked up this morning. Looks great and well equipped to house this entire family for 11 days on the road. JV stopped by and gave it a thumbs up. Kim has jammed it full with … Read More

Weekly Training Summary (53.08 miles / 7:46:56)

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Taper is in full swing. BTW, I found myself laughing inside that a taper week has me at 50+ miles. That was the solid weekly total I was running prior to my previous 50 miler in 2008. Felt like a “death march” back then. Point being that running continues to be about consistency over longer periods of time. Mon – … Read More