Leadville Training Camp Prep

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This weekend I will be back in Leadville to participate in the Leadville 100 Training Camp. This is put on by race management. Its an opportunity to be on course with other contenders. The trails are marked. There are aid stations in place. And shuttle transportation is available.

Sure, I could go just run this on my own whenever — and will return in a few weeks to do so — but this seemed like a good chance to get more comfortable with things in a controlled and aided environment and meet some new friends.

Luckily, this is not a race so I won’t need to be tapering or stressing. But I do want to get some baselines for what it takes to run from one point to another. Sort of a time check to be sure I am in range for my sub-25 hour goal come August. I took a pace chart from the race and simply looked up the average start and end times for each segment based on a 24:00 to 24:59 race finish time. That gives me something to shoot for in camp to see how I stack up against these splits for race day. However, I may take my camera to shoot a bit of the course for use in the real race report in August since I won’t be doing that then. Will see how the day goes.


Segment: May Queen to Twin Lakes

Distance: 26 miles

Race Clock: 02:10 to 07:17 = 05:07 total

Start: 7:15 AM

Projected Finish: 12:22 PM


Segment: Twin Lakes to Winfield to Twin Lakes

Distance: 21 miles

Race Clock: 07:17 to 10:28 to 13:52 = 06:35

Start: 8:00 AM

Cutoff: 9 hours or 5 PM

Projected Finish: 2:35 PM


I am skipping the run. Our vacation is over and I have to be back to work!