Run: Lake City Tour (3.03 mi @ 09:31)

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VFFs. Got up and figured I should get my legs warmed up for tomorrow. Jogged randomly through town looking for the start/finish, the armory, the first turn, the final turn, and more. Felt very fresh but a little sluggish in the warm mountain air. Missing that feeling from Boston where you show up and there is more air than you can imagine. Here is the reverse. Figure the first hour tomorrow is going to suck as I get my lungs pumping.

So that was a little tour around Lake City. Not much to do. We walked to some stores and the girls bought some rocks and other trinkets. Then we had lunch at a small Italian place that was very meh. Took the kids to a playground. Stayed out of the hot sun otherwise. Very toasty here in the mid-day if you are out in the direct sun. Its only in the 70s but the sun burns hot. I took an hour nap (rare!) in the afternoon. Then I rearranged my drop bags and we walked back downtown to the armory for check-in. Got my bib. #59. Met up with Brett W, Jim P, and Todd G. Saw glimpses of Scott J and Ryan B. Now, we are back at the RV having a little post-dinner dinner. Headed to bed early. Check in by 4:45 and start at 5 AM in the dark!

I must mention that today is my 11th anniversary of my matrimony to Kim. Steel is the theme. Hence, we are in this 32′ steel boat driving around the mountains. We have our 3 kids and our dog together for this summer vacation. Its been a treat so far but we are just getting started. I love her and am glad that she is tolerant of this new running addiction that I have developed. At least, it creates travel opportunities..or excuses!

With that, I sign off. Gotta date with some hills in the morning.

I went 3.03 miles with an elevation gain of 97 feet in 00:28:53, which is an average pace of 09:31. Heart rate average was 104. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.