R(un) V(acation) Trip: Day 1

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We were all packed up by late last night. Couldn’t have fit more inside I think. Oh well. All the comforts of home for five people. Plus, the baby needs an entire set of things like a crib, high chair, etc. Left home at 8 AM sharp and drove up into the mountains via I-70. I was motoring pretty well and had the 32′ rig under control. I even made it in and out of the Starbucks parking lot so I felt like I was semi-pro. At Idaho Springs, Sydney asked, “When will we be there?”. An hour into the trip! I was waiting on it.

Quote of the day was from Reagan when I would make a sudden swearer: LEARN HOW TO DRIVE THIS THING ALREADY!

Kim mostly was back with the kids. Kayla was confused why she couldn’t just crawl around what looks like a house of some sort. Wyatt kept getting confused where to lay so often went into his cage. So I just kept heading west and jamming to some tunes. We hit Leadville around 11 AM for a pit stop. I had to see someone about something to be revealed at a later time. Ended up over at Wild Bill’s for lunch. It was good to be back if not just for a couple of hours. The air is thin.

From there, we headed south as we passed along Mount Massive and Elbert. Kim was up front so I talked to her about LT100 aid stations and where to turn. After the Twin Lakes exit, I was telling her about Winfield and how its just down the highway a bit. However, I was surprised how long it actually took to get to the exit. Hope Pass is going to be brutal. But I have another race to run first.

I had to pee a bunch while driving so I just pulled over at various pull-offs and went in our RV bathroom. That’s pretty sweet. Bathroom on board! Ended up on Monarch Pass and that was a brutal RV descent as JV predicted. Then it was over to Gunnison for gas. I was down to a 1/4 tank. Had to do 2 fill-ups because of their credit card limit of $75. Then we motored a few more miles and made the turn onto the highway down to Lake City. Pretty much nothing on that road the whole way. Just winds along a river. Made it to town and made one loop through this tiny mountain town before pulling into the RV park.

Our spot was a pull in so no interesting RV maneuvering. Hooked up the water, electric, and sewer. Was able to dump all that bathroom break material from the road. Sweet. I grilled some salmon. Kim cooked pasta on the stove. The kids watched a DVD on the TV. Kayla crawled around on the floor. Pretty nice. I took the kids for a quick walk after dinner to a playground. Now, everyone is taking a quick shower in the RV to see how that goes. They have showers at the RV park you can use as well. Maybe in the morning. We have wifi here so catching up on all that important stuff I missed today because I was good and didn’t use my phone while driving. Hope to get a great night’s sleep. The day before the day before the race is the one that counts.

In the morning, I hope to log a couple miles just around town to get my body back in the swing of running after 2 days with none. Then we will probably walk the town and stimulate their local economy. There is a pre-race dinner and briefing in the evening.

Brownie will be starting the Bighorn 100 tomorrow at 11! I wish him all the best.

Sorry, no photos or videos today. Planned on documenting the drive in some way but I had my hands full with the wheel all day. Will get something better up tomorrow as I tour the metropolis of Lake City, Colorado!