Run: Green Mountain [FR/BK] (4.84 mi)

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MT100s. After the crappy day prior, I was itching to run hard today. Woke up and my Mac blew a video card. Damn it. Luckily I got an appointment at the Genius Bar in Boulder so figured I could spare a mountain run. Felt like seeing if I could harden that front side PR. I did not heed the advice … Read More

Leadville 100 Training Camp: May Queen to Twin Lakes

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The other bookend of our running vacation in the RV was the Leadville 100 Training Camp. Only a week after the hardest race in my life, would I be ready? On Friday, we made the short drive from Buena Vista up to Leadville. Had lunch and then went over to the LT100 headquarters to check in for camp. Then we … Read More

RV Trip: Great Sand Dunes National Park

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A new morning and we zipped up our RV and headed a few miles south to the entrance of our 2nd national park visit for the trip. The kids had been excited to see what this next park had in store when I spoke of mountains made of sand. How big could those big? We could actually see them from … Read More

Leadville Training Camp Prep

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This weekend I will be back in Leadville to participate in the Leadville 100 Training Camp. This is put on by race management. Its an opportunity to be on course with other contenders. The trails are marked. There are aid stations in place. And shuttle transportation is available. Sure, I could go just run this on my own whenever — … Read More