Casa Bonita

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Nothing finer… Today is Sydney‘s 7th birthday! When asked where she wanted to eat lunch, she said “the place where the gorilla runs around the restaurant”. Sweet! We jumped in the car and made the birthday wish come true. Last time we were there it was jam packed. Not today post lunch hour. We got a nice table right up … Read More

I Borked It

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Fine! You told me so. Oh well. It hurts right there, Doctor. Ran on it the last few days but its not getting any better even with going from single runs to 2-fers to cover the same distance. Hence, I took an off-day today. I was 15 straight covering about 200 miles so its kind of a bummer. Sure, I … Read More

Run: Del Camino (9.40 mi @ 08:16)

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Planning a 2-fer today. Did this as the longer of the two runs to test out the ankle. Annoying at first but went away as I ran on and stopped thinking about it. Range of motion is definitely lower than normal but its tolerable. Might ice it? Hopefully, cutting the runs in half will heal it up since I won’t … Read More

Five Guys

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One of the joys of running for me is being able to worry a lot less about consuming calories. On these days of 2 hour runs, I get quite hungry. Anyway, last night Simon shot me a link to an article on Five Guys. They talked about opening like 400 new locations this year in California alone. Geez. I wish … Read More