Run: Union Reservoir (10.29 mi @ 08:04)

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Frees. Simple loop around Union for today. No 2-fer because we have Reagan’s Birthday party tonight. Good excuse for a little rest. Felt pretty good today but a little sluggish. Right ankle is rolling a bit in the Frees. Left feels just fine. Just put the new 2 TB drive in my Mac Pro. 4 screws. No wires. Beautiful. Now … Read More

Run: Progression/Rolling 10K (6.13 mi @ 07:27)

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Wasn’t going to double today but since I hadn’t showered after the morning run…what the hell. Its nice and toasty outside. Wore my new Nike Free 3.0s. Felt fast and light in those suckers. I got about 2 miles into the run before I remembered my shin issue. Nothing out of place there at all today. Feels great. Nearly 100%. … Read More

Run: SuperFlag-Green Mountain (8.65 mi)

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Healed up enough that I was ready for a JV beating today. He is training up for Mt. Evans so he wanted to run SuperFlag today. Fine by me. Hadn’t run it in a year so I was ready for an easy PR I figured. But after the Sanitas incident from earlier in the week, any confidence has been shattered. … Read More