Run: Union-Martin-Sandstone (14.17 mi @ 07:59)

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LunarTrainers. Something clicked today. I am not sure what it was. Everything was dialed in. I normally have been hitting this run in the mid 8s pace-wise. Keeping it easy but its still a little difficult day after day. However, this morning something changed. I don’t know what but I just felt rested and ready and let my body guide … Read More

Run: Mount Evans Road (16.44 mi)

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Mount Evans. My most tagged 14er. Usually, in the first few weeks of June, I race up that thing. Last year, after a disappointing finish, I decided to take a break from that race and do something else this June. Enter JV, who is going to race again at Evans this year. So when talk of this Thursday’s pseudo-regular training … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (9.76 mi @ 07:42)

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LunarGlides. Foot feels much better today. Can walk around the house barefoot again. Still want to heal it up so wearing these moon boots for a few more days to keep the rocks away. They “ungraded” the roads which means they turned them over and there is big loose rock everywhere. Step on them constantly. Anyway, the temps were down … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2.5 (6.80 mi)

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Back over to the baby mountain today. Lots of people out. Parking lot was full. Still not feeling so great in the morning. Kim has my symptoms now so I am confirming it was some sort of cold and I passed it on to her. Still lingering in me. Knew that today wouldn’t be record pace. Pushed it pretty good … Read More

Run: Union-Martin-Sandstone (14.01 mi @ 08:33)

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LunarGlides. Foot pain still in play otherwise. Opted for a single run today given the forecast of big winds in the afternoon. I caught the start of it during the last few miles but now as I write this its blowing shit over outside. Felt shitty++ out of the gate this AM. Upper gut. It moved down through the run … Read More