BolderBoulder 10K 2010

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Distance 10km
Time 39:21 (PR)
Pace 6:21
Rank 452 of 50,000+
GPS Analysis Garmin Connect

BolderBoulder means summer is here. Run every Memorial Day on the streets of Boulder. No trails. No dirt. All pavement. Not quite Boulder-ish but when 50,000+ people come out to make it one of the largest road races in the country, you can’t just sit home. I had done my biggest month of training ever. This race was not something that I would bring my “A Game” to this year. Was just excited to use my Boston time to get seeded way way up in wave AA. Only wave A starts before us. I couldn’t get a qualifier up there. Not fast enough yet. Next year.

On race day, AA was pretty sweet. You might have some medals from races and such. But its always cool to get to walk up near the front to start. Hey, you earned that spot. Enjoy it. Wave A got started at 7 AM and then we had 60 seconds until our start. I had found JV in the sea of people prior to the race so we lined up next to each other. Pre-race I had only eaten GU Chomps, a Red Bull shot, and a few swigs of water to wash it down. Felt pretty solid in the gut which always bodes well for a good morning. Rick Riley of ESPN/SI got us started and we were off. JV took the opportunity to fly out of the shoot and take off. He admits he isn’t sure how to pace himself so he was instantly gone in the sea of people who were mostly starting too fast. I was glad he was out of my radar because I am not sure I wanted to worry about him the whole time.

Mile 1 – 6:17
Mile 2 – 6:23
Mile 3 – 6:31 (Highest elevation gain)
Mile 4 – 6:19
Mile 5 – 6:04 (Highest elevation loss)
Mile 6 – 6:11

The course winds through various neighborhoods mostly. A good number of turns. During miles 2 and 3, I found myself spending a lot of time working the tangents. Easily blowing 20-40 people away with sharp cuts through these sections. Never stopped for water and kept counting down the miles. They went quickly but I wasn’t too excited about them. Definitely was suffering from lack of rest but this is what I wanted. Run hard on tired legs. If you can’t run 6.2 hard after a night’s sleep, what’s it going to be like to have to run another say 26 in the middle of the night after running 74? Focus!

Pushed it right to where I like to run 10Ks. Where those thoughts of quitting come into play but aren’t as forceful as a 5K death march. Wore my HR monitor (which I never race with) and ended up with a 165 average for the race. That’s like 2-3 beats over LT which makes pretty good sense for a 40 minute run. Maybe a tad higher could have been. Made better progress on the sections where we got lots of straight running. Could really get my legs spinning then. That is where I excel at these things. Longer stretches. Finally, we made the “ascent” into CU’s football stadium and did the odd run around the field on some sort of rubber material. Felt weird under foot so not sure I finished as strong as I should have.

I had been watching the splits but not tallying them up. However, I knew I had a clean sub-40 in the bag going into the stadium. Hit my watch and saw 39:21. A solid sub-40 finish. I had to work for that one but it felt good. Took me a bit afterward to compose myself. JV found me and had finish in the high 38s. He said he was worried because he was fading and knew that I was back there somewhere executing my splits. I knew he would have me in this race but I figured we would be pretty close. Road races aren’t his game but he can get out there and hang.

Afterward, I ran into a bunch of familiar faces. Met the legend of Rickey Gates. Ran into Kerrie who downplayed her performance as usual. I also got to meet Super G. JV and I had joked that we should run Green Mountain after the race. I was fairly serious about it until I crossed the finish line. My gut was in a knot from that Red Bull but it did its job. So I held up my promise and let my body off the hook and let JV go in that direction and bag the summit if he chose to. I grabbed some food and walked back along the course route to the start to find my car. Never running just walking and watching the massive procession of runners still on their own journey to complete the BolderBoulder!

BTW, this was a 39 second improvement over my prior PR of 40:00 set last November here in Longmont. That PR was done on a pretty rested post-season body in cool temps. The McMillan Running Calculator puts me at a 38:21 based on my Boston finish, which was at sea level. So given the altitude and fatigue, this performance seems about in line and confirms — I am not getting any slower!

I went 6.25 miles with an elevation gain of 167 feet in 00:39:22, which is an average pace of 06:17. Heart rate average was 165. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.