Weekly Training Summary (120.13 miles / 19:59:20)

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Am I going insane

My blood is boiling inside of my veins

An evil feeling it ticks

My body shaking there’s no turning back [BFMV]

Most miles ever. Most hours ever. Most vertical ever. Best (running) week ever. The breakdown:

Mon – 14M

Tues – Sanitas x 2.5 / 7M

Wed – 9M / 6M

Thurs – Mount Evans Road

Fri – 14M / 6M

Sat – Boulder Skyline Traverse

Sun – 9M / 6M

Some combination of the heat, summer starting, and great friends got me motivated this week to step up my game one more notch before we start getting down to business for Lake City. Got to the hills 3 times including true high altitude. Ran with Jay, Jeff, Tony, and Jim on the week. I loved getting out with them and it definitely helped make the 20 hours spent on my feet this week go much quicker.

And to top it off, I got the ice bath setup in the backyard! Its cold but should warm up soon. I look forward to returning from my next long run and doing the plunge right into the pool. Summer is here. Winter was great and Spring was alright. But my true love has returned and we have limited time together. Let’s get sweaty.


Obligatory picture of Kayla since the other girls get their share of airtime these days. Always good to return home after a run and see her smiling…even when her mother isn’t. I am doing my best to not allow the running to interfere with home stuff but I know I tested Kim a few times this week. She is being a good supportive wife though. Hasn’t said a word about it but I know I was on the edge a few times. At these volumes, this thing gets very selfish feeling. You were right, Tony. However, I keep telling myself and her that there is an end game. 6th and Harrison in the wee hours of August 22nd. Hope its worth it.


This week? Racing in the morning. Who knows what will be in store with these legs tomorrow. Probably nothing a large Red Bull can’t fix for 39-ish minutes. Then hope to continue hill work and maybe get to 10,000 feet again. But less total miles for sure.

Are you scared yet? You should be.