Run: Union-Martin-Sandstone (14.17 mi @ 07:59)

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LunarTrainers. Something clicked today. I am not sure what it was. Everything was dialed in.

I normally have been hitting this run in the mid 8s pace-wise. Keeping it easy but its still a little difficult day after day. However, this morning something changed. I don’t know what but I just felt rested and ready and let my body guide the pace and it wanted to run faster than normal.

I have been slogging through this run for weeks now over and over. Trying to use the principles of periodization to produce a response or an adaptation to running longer and tired every morning. I feel like this is what is going to be the baseline for Leadville. For weeks, this run has gotten progressively slower. My backlog of fatigue continues to grow so it is expected. But at some point, the periodization effects begin to come into play and maybe today was the start. I dropped 30 seconds over the average pace for the run. Average HR was up though. But it was hotter than any prior day. And I could have kept going. What an encouraging sign. It is exciting when you see the effects of training start showing positive improvement.

Or it could just have been yesterday’s trip to the high country that magically produced millions of red blood cells overnight. Tony wrote up his report on Running Times. Maybe I won’t need this blood transfusion machine after all.

Only a few more days in the month and let it be known…I am chasing a mileage goal.

I went 14.17 miles with an elevation gain of 295 feet in 01:53:10, which is an average pace of 07:59. Heart rate average was 141. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.