Run: Mount Sanitas x 2.5 (6.80 mi)

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Back over to the baby mountain today. Lots of people out. Parking lot was full. Still not feeling so great in the morning. Kim has my symptoms now so I am confirming it was some sort of cold and I passed it on to her. Still lingering in me. Knew that today wouldn’t be record pace. Pushed it pretty good though but I don’t seem to have that top gear these days on the hill. I keep wanting to drop into my Green Mountain gear which isn’t optimal here. Hit the top a minute faster than last week. On the way down, I ran into Jay Austin and I did a 180 and headed back to the top with him for another summit. We came back down then. He departed and I moved on for the next lap. Only 2 minutes off the prior ascent which was a nice surprise. Nice and warm out there today. Couple more visits and I will be back in PR form here.

I went 6.80 miles with an elevation gain of 3,111 feet in 01:40:39, which is an average pace of 14:47. Heart rate average was 142. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.