Run: Green Mountain – Bear Peak – SoBo – Mesa (12.81 mi)

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I was on the fence about what to run this weekend. Bounced tons of ideas around but nothing stuck. There were some loose plans for a traverse with Jim but he got sick so that didn’t happen. Then when left on my own I had grandiose or not so much plans depending on what moment of the day you asked me. I woke up planning to go solo but found a message from the former Colfax Kid, now known simply as Top American. He was prepared to join me AKA let me slow him down on a 3 peak loop.

We met just after 7 and headed out. Instantly I didn’t feel so hot heading to Gregory TH. My gut is off just like it was last spring/summer. I don’t like it and its not fun. The mornings start out brutal. Justin was partially impaired from some high proof liquor provided by his date last night so I hoped that would take its toll on him to even the score. Headed up Gregory/Ranger. I was a minute off at Gregory and forgot to split at the 4-way. Hit the summit in 46 something. Way off the mark. Wasn’t on today.

Side note: Left shin/ankle is full on good. Right foot, not so much. On the bottom of my foot right where my 2nd toe (next to big toe) stops and the ball starts, there is a soft spot that doesn’t feel right. Almost like I stepped on a rock really hard. But its not going away. When I climb, I like to get up on my toes and that is really pushing that area. So I was better off in some spots with a flat footed powerhike to relieve pressure. I don’t know where this originated. Hurt yesterday. Maybe I hit something in the VFFs or Frees? Might ice it today if that will help. Feels better in “bigger” shoes like the Sportivas I wore today vs. barefoot around the house.

Anyway, it was windy at the top of Green so we sat low, ate a bit, then moved on to Bear. Starting to enjoy that traverse over there. Good ups and downs but not as rolling as Mesa. We got up on Bear and it was windy again. Almost blew my hat off. Got down and motored to SoBo. Started seeing some people around this time. Might be a busy day on the trails for hikers. We finished off SoBo quickly and came back down Shadow Canyon and connected into Mesa and made the run back to Chautauqua to wrap it up.

I had talked about doing another lap on Green beforehand once we got back to the cars to refuel. Justin tested me to see if that was still on. I wavered and he concurred. It was 85+ degrees out there by the time we finished. We both had drained our water by the time we got onto Mesa so probably running a bit behind on fluids. Going from running in the 60s with water to 85s on trails in a day takes some time to get used to but Mother Nature doesn’t play that way here. Hot. Cold. It will probably snow next week. Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

Felt like I got what I wanted out of that run. Did a similar loop with JV 2 weeks ago and promised to do it again. I think it lines up nicely with SJS training. Sure that extra lap on Green might have been nice, but with 100+ miles in the weekly backlog I don’t think I need it to accomplish what I want to in Lake City.

Thanks for coming out Justin and pacing me through the loop.

I went 12.81 miles with an elevation gain of 4,771 feet in 02:58:51, which is an average pace of 13:57. Heart rate average was 139. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.