Run: Union Reservoir (10.29 mi @ 08:04)

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Frees. Simple loop around Union for today. No 2-fer because we have Reagan’s Birthday party tonight. Good excuse for a little rest. Felt pretty good today but a little sluggish. Right ankle is rolling a bit in the Frees. Left feels just fine.

Just put the new 2 TB drive in my Mac Pro. 4 screws. No wires. Beautiful. Now I can free some space on my startup drive. All this HD video takes up tons of space!

Reagan’s birthday party is tonight at Chuck E. Cheese. Her pick. Even with all the endurance training I do, I hope I am ready for this adventure!

Jim P. got sick and isn’t organizing the Boulder Skyline Traverse in the morning. However, I still have myself talked into doing it. 20-some on trails sounds better than the 50 I had planned for the road. Anyone want in? Planning on starting early so it doesn’t blow the day. 6 AM? Maybe go from Mesa->SoBo->Bear->Green. Then debate Sanitas. Then back via Mesa?

I went 10.29 miles with an elevation gain of 215 feet in 01:23:01, which is an average pace of 08:04. Heart rate average was 140. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.