Run: SuperFlag-Green Mountain (8.65 mi)

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Healed up enough that I was ready for a JV beating today. He is training up for Mt. Evans so he wanted to run SuperFlag today. Fine by me. Hadn’t run it in a year so I was ready for an easy PR I figured. But after the Sanitas incident from earlier in the week, any confidence has been shattered. Jeff asked how fast I was going to push it and I responded with no coherent answer. Whatever my systems want to do. I won’t know for a few minutes. Jeff hit his watch and bolted. He was out of sight by the first turnoff. Guess he is feeling peppy today!

I found a good rhythm and motored at my own pace. A big pack of deer were hanging on the ridge just above the Flagstaff House today. The grades on this road go from nice to crazy. My goal was simple — run the whole thing. My previous attempts usually ended up with powerhikes in the tougher sections. And while those are probably more efficient, I wanted to keep the run going today to build more strength. Jeff went on to PR and then came back down to find me. A personal victory for me in that he caught me higher on the road than ever before! I hit the top in 46:43. Not feeling so well in the gut or the lungs this AM. A moderate effort. I can do better. Prior run here was with GZ last May and I did low 50s. Great improvement.

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After topping out, we ran over west ridge and up to Green. Then came back down via the JV Greenman Shortcut to Saddle. Stayed on Saddle the whole way down to the TH. I had never been on that portion of the trail. Still finding new routes. I was telling Jeff that I don’t quite have my trail legs yet. Still so used to clean stump and rut free trails courtesy of the snow. Wore my new La Sportivas today. Not too shabby. Lots more grip on the rocks than my MT100s. Those things had me sliding all over the rock at Sanitas.

I added a section to the sidebar on my main blog page where local trail PRs are listed. Starting to officially track these so I can quickly look these up and share my progress. I have Green (front and back), Sanitas, and now SuperFlag up there. I will probably dig up SoBo from Mesa TH and Bear. Why not. Are there others?

I went 8.65 miles with an elevation gain of 2,586 feet in 01:41:53, which is an average pace of 11:46. Heart rate average was 141. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.