Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (6.82 mi @ 15:26)

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Been wanting to get back over to my nemesis from last fall. Felt like a good morning. Lucho was supposed to show but he apparently blew up a bridge as an excuse to not show. A little warm up and then I motored up the trail keeping HR at LT or higher. Was not focused on the time at all. Was just letting it unfold. Felt like I was moving pretty well but I was sweating buckets. Figured I would break 20 with no issue. Hit the top and it showed 21+. WTF? My legs were solid but I was definitely breathing harder than usual. My slower uphill pacing from Green seems to have slowed me down on this trail. Or I am tired from 20 yesterday and 100 over the past week? I don’t know. I was pretty shocked to see the slower time. Its been said that Sanitas is its own beast and doesn’t help or benefit regular old running too much. I wonder if just not being there has me out of practice, so to speak. Lots more foot placement and rock scrambling on this trail. Lots of steps. Its only 1/2 as long as Green so you have to go twice as hard. Its almost an all out effort. Just haven’t been pushing myself into that zone for quite a while so I felt out of practice.

The downhill wasn’t great either. Ankle felt great though. That should have been enough to elevate my spirits but it wasn’t. I got all bogged down in the jerky pounding leg movements that I used to descend. It was not fluid or fast. Even when I finally got out to the valley trail, I was much slower than last year. Given I like to think my fitness is some % higher, this was sort of a weird confidence shattering event. However, on the flip side, I found something that I am not excelling at that I know I could use some more work on. Maybe next time on the PR now that I am back in the game at Sanitas. Probably keep it in the weekly rotation now for a while.

To break my depression, I went over to BRC and picked up some shoes. That should brighten things up! Went through the whole Nike line with the guy who knew a lot about Nike’s offerings. He felt my pain for the LunarTrainer being dumped. Showed me a few options but I ultimately settled on getting some Free 3.0s. The 5.0s had a nice LunarTrainer like feel but I felt like I might as well go more minimal. These aren’t the only shoes in the stable so I will rotate them in and see how I feel about them over short, medium and longer distances.

Nike Free 3.0

I went 6.82 miles with an elevation gain of 2,749 feet in 01:45:16, which is an average pace of 15:26. Heart rate average was 133. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.