Team Shart Fills Key Roles For 2010 Leadville Trail 100

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Longmont, Colorado — May 16, 2010 — Team Shart, an up and coming distance running team, today announced the placement of two individuals into key roles for the 2010 Leadville Trail 100. Brandon Fuller, the lead runner on the team, previously believed that he was invincible and didn’t need any assistance. However, more rational thoughts have prevailed.

Lead Pacer


J.P. Patrick, triathlete and foodie, will be taking the role of lead pacer. J.P. has been a competitor himself at Leadville twice and has successfully paced a runner to a top 10 finish. When asked for comment, J.P. responded, “I may buy a pair of those damn toe shoes he has been running in just to slap him in the face with if he tries to drop at Leadville!”. Leadville is one of the only races to allow muleing, which is when a pacer can carry gear for the runner. When asked about his own upcoming training for this added requirement, Mr. Patrick explained, “My plan is to get a very large backpack and fill it with 50 pounds of flour and train with it. This will simulate carrying Brandon’s iPod, iPad, MacBook Pro, Garmin, HR monitor, lactate meter, sat phone, avalanche beacon, flare gun, spare batteries, and solar panels for the distance.” However, Mr. Patrick may be required to take a Microsoft Excel proficiency exam prior to the race because the job requires TSB (Training Stress Balance) graphs to be generated on the fly during the race to monitor performance.

Crew Chief


Natalee Fuller, sister to lead runner Brandon Fuller, will be taking the reigns as crew chief. “I am very excited for this opportunity to support my brother in his quest to be just like Anton”, said Natalee. “Growing up, I remember making Brandon cry by doing things like throwing snowballs filled with ice at him. I miss that. Now, I get a front row seat to see the tears once again as he pounds himself into the ground during the Race Across The Sky.” However, Ms. Fuller was quick to point out her limits, “This does not mean I will be changing his shorts if the shart returns. I did not sign up for that!” Ms. Fuller will also be responsible for team communications via Twitter to the growing fan club of Team Shart. As well as covert tactics involving the ongoing duel between Team Shart and Team PittBrownie to ensure victory.

About Team Shart

Team Shart was founded around mile 20 of the 2009 Denver Marathon and has left its mark on Colorado distance running ever since. You may want to stand back. Way back.