Run: Green Mountain TT [FR/FR] (5.46 mi)

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We separated the men from the boys this evening. The boys found excuses to stay home. While the men (and a few ladies) showed up and got their run on. Hey, I live for this stuff. Getting together with all the peeps that I spend endless hours reading about, chatting with, commenting on, etc. Its a great time. Wish we would have had drier conditions — it is May and that is one of our wettest months here but can a brother get some heat? I ran Green in ice and snow for months. I have put my time in. Just ready for a dry trail.

Anyway, as was documented by others, a ranger greeted the meet-up in the parking lot. They had received an email about a race going on here tonight. In Boulder Open Space, such things titled races or competitions are illegal without permits, etc. I have been to a good number of races in my brief career. Nothing here that evening resembled a race. Races often have timers, bibs, prizes, registration forms, and other conveniences. No such thing happening here. A group of people out running at their own pace to the top of Green. Happens every day in Boulder. Just so happens that once in a while, we get our act together and get everyone to get there at the same time so we can all say hi instead of missing each other by 15 minutes.

We went up Amp/Saddle/Greenman by GZ‘s pick. Wasn’t my choice but I said nothing. I will take what I was given. I just don’t like the front side. Too steep. I like to run more than powerhike. But anytime, I can give a shot at a quick ascent I will go for it. However, tonight wasn’t that night. I haven’t really tracked this routes times because I have probably only done it 5 times and most of those are snow-covered. So I will call tonight’s time a PR just to set the baseline for the season to come. But its soft.

The trail was wet with a few puddles up to Saddle Rock. Snow then was all slushy on the trails. The ankle really didn’t bother me physically on the entire run. However, mentally, it had me bothered. I didn’t want to twist or turn it at all in that slush. No thanks. So I played it safe. I had started near the back of the pack just to bring up the rear a bit. I came around Kerrie near the top of Amp. I had GZ in my sights up through Saddle but he disappeared on me. That was about it for interaction with others on the ascent. Any worry about a big pack of people romping up a trail was nonsense. I saw less people this evening than on a normal Saturday ascent. Once I hit that flat nearly descending portion before the last push up, I heard Lucho screaming his Tarzan yell from the summit. During the last few switchbacks, I saw Kerrie coming back up on me. My powerhiking to avoid the slushy ankle thing might cost me a position. I hustled it in and tagged the top in 41:19. My backside PR from a few weeks ago was 42. So I am guessing that on a better day, I could have run 38-ish up this route. Maybe faster. Will redo it later in the month when the trail is dry.

The summit was cold and the rain was turning to ice so we headed down rather quick. Felt like this was a decent effort from me but the data shows I sandbagged a bit. HR was 161 which is 2 bpm under LT. I should be LT++ for this duration on a PR effort. That slush slowed me down and I was spinning while trying to run so that probably knocked it down. HR looks higher at the beginning and the end which is where I should of held it. Also a weird dynamic to running at 6:45 PM — I never run that late. We were at the kid’s school all afternoon and I didn’t have access to my snacks so I ended up eating a pasta plate there at 5 PM and that sat in my gut during the ascent.

Post-race, we hung in the parking lot in the cold drizzle and chatted about everything running. Brownie came jogging in a bit later. He got stuck in traffic and missed us starting. I was bummed that he drove over 100 miles to run only to miss us by minutes. Rematch foiled. He and GZ and I headed over to Smashburger at about 9:30 for a true post race feast AKA dinner and talked about more running. Good times. I remember sitting with those same 2 guys last fall at Southern Sun after we ran Green on a fabulous warm evening.

When GZ put up the list of times reported, I was bummed to see my name near the bottom but — hey, I was out there. But look at some of the talent I was running with! Lucho? Clark? GZ? And other dudes that I don’t know well that are just as fast. Fuck. A year ago these were guys were on a pedestal to me. They still are. But I am not afraid to go out on a Friday night and run up a mountain in the rain through the snow and back down in the twilight to test myself with them. I am not at the top but I am on the list now. And my stock keeps rising!

Cheers to all that came out! Great seeing you. Let’s do it again soon.

To the person that felt they needed to alert the Boulder OSMP rangers, Colorado State Police, FBI, ATF, Homeland Security, and whoever else they called — you are a douche but I feel sorry for you. I can’t imagine what its like to travel these trails with that stick up your ass.

I went 5.46 miles with an elevation gain of 2,494 feet in 01:32:51, which is an average pace of 16:59. Heart rate average was 142. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.