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One of the joys of running for me is being able to worry a lot less about consuming calories. On these days of 2 hour runs, I get quite hungry. Anyway, last night Simon shot me a link to an article on Five Guys. They talked about opening like 400 new locations this year in California alone. Geez. I wish In-N-Out would get their heads out of their asses and expand like that. Oh well.

Home Page | Five Guys Burgers and Fries

My last visit to Five Guys was with the family shortly after it opened. Kim couldn’t find anything – no turkey option. Kind of hectic. And we weren’t in a war yet. So I thought today I should go back by myself in peace and see if it still stands or stinks.

Menu | Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I ordered the bacon cheeseburger. They have about a dozen toppings to choose from. Got fries and a soda. They don’t have shakes as explained in that article above. Their loss. It can be such a factor. Anyway, they do the whole yelling about your order to the cooks. 1 in the door! 2 patties up! Then I waited maybe 5 minutes. Whether you eat there or to go, the food comes in a brown paper sack. Quaint? Kinda used to some tray action if I am staying. Gives me room to spread out. Instead, I shred the bag down the side.

Five Guys

That’s the spread. It’s a shit ton of fries. Order big enough for 2. Give me half that and charge me less. The burger comes packaged in foil. Mine wasn’t drippy as dictated by my condiment choice.

Five Guys

I still say that burger looks like the one Eddie Murphy jokes about your Mom making. Kind of rough. Not the presentation of Smash or Lark. Oh well. I dug in and made quick work of it. It was better than I remembered. In a plain sort of way. The don’t have the secret sauce there so it’s the basic condiments only if you want them. So you aren’t going to get some distinctive flavor.

I worked through the fries after pouring about 4 salt packets on them. I swear they are unsalted. It’s a cooked potato and that is it. I don’t like them. Plus, the size and price is wrong. Maybe they grow on me but I doubt it. I almost wouldn’t order them next time. Rather drive through somewhere down the street and get fries elsewhere. They do have an option for cajun fries. I might give those a try just to see if that is the secret.

No shake so just soda. Boring.

Again I ask, what’s with the boxes of unsalted peanuts? Gross.

Anyway, I left full and of a better opinion than before. The burger is better, but the rest lacks. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other burger spots in Longmont of this nature…yet…so I might return here or there when I am stuck in town for too many days in a row. Chipotle is right next door too so it’s hard to pass up my usual #1 lunch that is much healthier.

So overall, the rating remains the same I think. I would probably go there over fast food though just because of the better ingredients.

UPDATE: Went back again. Cajun fries are much better. Not like I would go there to get them but I prefer them over the standard fries.