Run: Union-Hamm-Martin-Sandstone (15.77 mi @ 08:27)

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Felt kind of crappy at the start but got better when I noticed I was knocking down 7s for pace. Maybe the legs are back. As I came into Hamm Park, there was a big fox looking right at me. I stopped at a bench and refueled and enjoyed his company. He was checking me out from only 25 feet or so. Probably twice the size of my dog.

Mid-run I started to need a bathroom break so I slowed as the search began. All the parks in town finally seemed to have unlocked the bathrooms this week. It’s May! Now I have quality water and bathroom stops again. However, they never seem to have any TP for my bunghole lately. Should I carry some? I was on deck today so I shredded up the 2 cardboard rolls left over and made use. I feel like the urban Bear Gryles at times.

At 10 miles, I was on my way eastbound and the wind hit me right in the face. It was lurking and waiting for payback from my tricks on it yesterday. Very slow miles in there as the wind sucked the life out of me.

Some ankle issue tonight. Left side. Raising my toes up towards my knee does not feel good. Not sure what that’s about. Hopefully it sleeps away. Otherwise might have to change something up. I think it’s from the slower running. Seems to change my form. Debating doing some VFF days to see if it goes away. Or should I stay off it?

I haven’t been posting the dailies here because I got the feeling they were boring. Plus, training seems far from the goal right now Maybe if I have things to add I will post but otherwise I am staying quiet. I always write up something on Garmin Connect and it’s one button to push it here. Not sure if anyone cares, looks at both, or wants it all here. Guess you can filter. Let me know.

Got emails from two people this past week that read the blog that I don’t know. One is a lady that just finished her first ultra at Greenland this past weekend. I gave her what advice I had over a few emails a while back. That was cool. Another guy today reached out and told me about his Leadville 50 plans. He seemed to be following my info and marching up through the various events in Pb as I have. Cool stuff.

However, the most random thing was the other day when a lady stopped me mid-run. Are you Brandon? Uh, maybe. Her daughter had run Boston too. They were following my progress at the race being fellow Longmonters.

I went 15.77 miles with an elevation gain of 290 feet in 02:13:15, which is an average pace of 08:27. Heart rate average was 135. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.