Run: Green Mountain – Bear Peak – SoBo – Bear Peak (12.71 Mi)

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JV and I decided to unglue ourselves from the Miwok 100K coverage and headed out for some trails. It was my first time back to Green in nearly a month. I knew it would be payback time for me since being away seems to anger Lady Green. It was nice to see the entire first section snowless. I stopped my watch for maybe 20 seconds to wrap my long sleeve and then proceed on. JV stayed right in front of me giving something to chase. I hit the cabin feeling OK but wishing I hadn’t had the hiatus. 18:06 on the watch. That’s a PR there. Hmmm. We proceeded up and I kept moving. I powerhiked the Steeps because it just feels more efficient and fast when you are going for time — which I know was. The last switchback and the final slope were the only spots that had snow. Probably lost just a few seconds there because I didn’t run it because my NB 100s don’t like any snow. Hit the 4-way in 19:59…might have tapped the watch a second early there but c’mon…had to break 20! Another PR split. JV was staying on the run pretty good through the steps so I kept on it but then the big steps came and slowed me down. I sprinted up the last section and hit the stop 41:53. But I did have that stop but also lost time on the snow. Calling it 42 flat. An easy 2+ minute PR. How nice! Can’t wait to try again when I didn’t run 23 miles the day before and I have someone chasing me up the hill too! Sub-40 is on the radar now. Might come back this week.

From there, we headed over to Bear Peak. Pretty clean trail all through there. We didn’t top out but instead headed straight over to SoBo. It still has a bunch of snow. I was slip sliding my way up and down that thing. A quick stop and we got back over to Bear and topped out for real that time. JV was debating a return to Green but I wanted to head back down via Bear Canyon. Had enough big runs this week. So we made our way back down through 5-6 stream crossings. I wasn’t dialed in at all on the downhill today. Totally foggy. I miss how the snow and ice put a nice carpet right over the top of all the obstacles. My watch died with about 20 minutes left so I had to guesstimate the final portion of the run. But we got 3 hours in and that was what I was looking for to help boost my week.

I went 12.71 miles with an elevation gain of 4,476 feet in 03:00:37, which is an average pace of 14:11. Heart rate average was 139. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.