May 2010 Training Summary (402.91 Miles)

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402.91 miles in 43 outings in a time of 63:35:04 with an elevation gain of 36,389 feet at an average heart rate of 140. Coming off Boston in mid-April, I knew I needed to quickly transition for the upcoming ultra races on the summer schedule. So that made May the obvious candidate for big miles. Really drive up the mileage … Read More

BolderBoulder 10K 2010

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Distance 10km Time 39:21 (PR) Pace 6:21 Rank 452 of 50,000+ GPS Analysis Garmin Connect BolderBoulder means summer is here. Run every Memorial Day on the streets of Boulder. No trails. No dirt. All pavement. Not quite Boulder-ish but when 50,000+ people come out to make it one of the largest road races in the country, you can’t just sit … Read More

Run: Mead HS (6.04 mi @ 07:58)

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LunarTrainers. Since I have been more frequently rotating shoes this month, I am realizing these things are more narrow in the toe box that I care for. Need to throw them out but they have over 1000 miles on them and its hard to part with old friends. It was 92+ outside says the mercury so great excuse for a … Read More