April 2010 Training Summary (250.38 Miles)

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250.38 miles in 24 outings in a time of 34:22:19 with an elevation gain of 11,609 feet at an average heart rate of 143.

Weird month for stats. Fastest 250 by 6 hours. Much less elevation. But 250 was the minimum monthly total I set in January and I was determined to hit it this month no matter what.

Started the month in Hawaii. Then came home and finished training. Then tapered for Boston. Then post-race recovery. Sneaked in a 5k. Then ramp back up. Given all that, I still ran the mileage that I put in during January where I was all training and no play minus a surgery break.

That consistency is part of the reason that I spent my spring NOT racing. I focused and didn’t have the peaks and valleys that are created through racing. I stayed on my plan and controlled my own peaks and valleys based on schedule, a bit of weather, and my fitness. I think it worked out in my favor this time.

Anyway, I was way behind on miles for the month coming into the final week. I figured I had like 7 full days to go but then a quick check of the calendar showed that Friday ended the month. Had to get after it with some more long runs but that was just what I was in the mood for. I need to start running longer and slower for this next challenge.

I only ran Green a single time in April. Quite a change from prior months. For one, I wasn’t here as much but I also kept focused on the roads for the race. Now, I hope to get back down there some more once the snow melts and I can start increasing the effort and probably stringing more peaks together more often. Also, I need to complete the completely on foot home to Green and back trip one of these days. Oh, and PR Green and Sanitas. Both are due. I am sure JV will be ready to roll again this month after R2R2R.

Guess I can’t let the month summary go by without one last mention of Boston. All goals were completed. Now that I have been able to distance myself a bit from it, I have been reflecting on what went right and what went wrong. There wasn’t a lot on the wrong side frankly. It was a perfect day. However, I told myself going into that race that I was done with road marathons if I broke 3. And I did. Now, I find myself in that continual spiral of nonsense where I wonder “was there more I could have done?”. Damn it. This is why running sucks you in. You work hard. Achieve the goal. Then wonder…can I do better? I am starting to have visions of 2:4X on the clock when I cross the line. No plans there for 2010 but I have that BQ for 2011 in the bag so maybe…just maybe…I might have to return for another dance. Admittedly, JM‘s performance has me pumped up.

Want a free Smashburger in May? Register. Eat. Rate. Burger Wars are on!

Excited to see what Tony and JP get done this weekend!

Onward and upward to Lake City. Fuel up!