Boston: Survey Says!

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Thanks to everyone that took a minute to fill in the survey and predict my Boston performance. Like I said, it was fun to see and also informational. Gave me a sense of what some of you thought was possible and where I should sit. Overall, I just wanted it to be a fun exercise. Let’s see the results! Remember, using Price Is Right rules here — closest without going over.

Question 1 – Name

No points.

Question 2 – Email

No points.

Question 3 – 10k Time

Actual: 42:54

Winning Prediction: 00:42 by Mike Hinterberg, Glenn Hahn

Question 4 – Half Marathon Time

Actual: 1:29:52

Winning Prediction: 1:29 by Mike Hinterberg, Glenn Hahn

Question 5 – 30k Time

Actual: 2:07:36

Winning Prediction: 2:04 by James Kirk

Question 6 – Finish Time

Actual: 2:59:03

Winning Prediction: 2:59 by James Kirk, Glenn Hahn, Simon Escorcia

Question 7 – # of Port-o-Potty Stops During The Race

Actual: 0

Winning Prediction: 0 by Jim Petterson, Mike Hinterberg, James Kirk, Shaun Katona, George Zack, Todd Gangelhoff, Ward Moya

Question 8 – Showdown Winner

Actual: Brandon

Winning Prediction: Brandon by Jim Petterson, Mike Hinterberg, James Kirk, Glenn Hahn, Simon Escorcia, Herve Richaud, Brian Cloney, Shaun Katona, Ward Moya, Jeff Valliere


1. Mike Hinterberg – 4 correct

1. Glenn Hahn – 4 correct

1. James Kirk – 4 correct

We have a 3 way tie for first! I didn’t expect that one at all. I need a tie breaker. Since we have to go on the data we have, I am going to use the differential based on 2 time-based questions. These guys all got either 2 or 3 so I took their 2 best.

1. Glenn Hahn +55 seconds

2. Mike Hinterberg +106 seconds

3. James Kirk +215 seconds

Since Glenn has his own set of Boston schwag already, I will give him the crown but pass the prize to our 2nd place finisher — Mike Hinterberg! Congrats, Mike. Must have been that magic spreadsheet you referenced. I have a gift from Boston for you. Shoot me your address via email. James, good show too!

Thanks for playing everyone!