Run: Slow 5M (5.07 mi @ 08:05)

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6 days to go…

Slept longer last night.

Today was the windiest run of the year! I was running about 8:00 pace and I turned into the wind and gained 45 seconds on my pace at the same effort. Brutal. Got my HR up as I struggled against it getting back home. Was supposed to be an easy run but all that work had me in the slow zone instead. Near home my left quad was oddly fatigued. Weird to only run for 40 minutes and be done for the day. Once upon a time, that was my standard loop.


Justin got off the treadmill long enough to pen his Boston Marathon Preview at RunColo. So what does he have to say?

The match-up between Jon Teisher (CoS, #3484)) and Brandon Fuller (Longmont, #7116) is intriguing. Both guys have put in monster mileage with several 100 miles weeks between them. On paper, I thought that Fuller appeared to have greater speed, having ran 3:15 at the Denver Marathon in October, while Teisher is a consistent 100 miler finisher. With Fuller starting from corral 7 and Teisher from 3 though, I may have underestimated him. Teisher also dusted Fuller at a 5K duel last fall and while an ultramarathoner, has put in consistent time in at the track. Fuller on the other hand has remained true to the trails as part of his build. Regardless of who wins this battle, we look forward to seeing a rematch later this year in Leadville.

Let’s just say that my Mom wouldn’t agree with his prediction. I know the management over at RunColo…might have to complain! Fix this. You better head over to RunColo and leave a comment giving your take! I will wait. Sure, Brownie is up front but that just means he will spend more time looking over his shoulder. He BQ’d at lower altitudes too. Is that legal? And the 5k last fall? Yeah, but who puked up their burger on the Incline? Not the guy bowing down here. I will take the guy that can hold down his food at LT pace yet is willing to shit his pants to win any day. And those PBRs in this pockets are totally going to weigh him down.

Manitou Springs

Regardless, we have both put in a lot of effort and I expect PRs from both of us. Hopefully, the course allows us both to shine. Haven’t decided if I will wear my bucket hat yet or not. That might really piss him off.

I will release the results of my poll this week. Take it already!

On the other hand, I sort of can’t believe I am chatting about sub 3. It was just 8-9 months ago that I thought…hell, I might be able to BQ. That was a wild prediction. My first marathon in Spring 2007 was a 4:07. Then 3:59 that fall. Here we are less than 3 years later (has it been that long?) talking about taking an hour off that time. I was down to 3:38 in Fall 2008. Then the 3:15 last fall. Some rough math puts that at about a 10 minute gain every 1/2 year. Without bathroom stops, I was 3:13 at Denver. So with another 1/2 year under my belt and sea level on my side, its a close call. Enough already.

Spending my spare time figuring out logistics. How to get to the bus. What do do while I wait. What to eat. When I have to be wear. I might be worn out before the race starts. Sort of used to parking at the start and cranking up some music until 5 to go!

I went 5.07 miles with an elevation gain of 89 feet in 00:41:01, which is an average pace of 08:05. Heart rate average was 147. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.