Puddle of Mudd @ Gothic Theater

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I have been getting itchy as of late. Haven’t been to enough rock shows. However, when I saw that Puddle was returning to town and playing the Gothic, I was stoked. I quickly bought 2 tickets and told Kim that I had tickets and that she better find a babysitter for her first night out without Kayla since birth. Usually on dates, we find a babysitter for the older two and take Kayla along. However, that limits dates to tamer events like movies. Luckily, we timed this with a trip out by Kim’s Mom that gave us a great babysitter opportunity.

A decent line had already formed outside the theater so my hopes of getting Kim a good rail spot were decreased. We headed down early and ate at Smashburger which is conveniently right next door to the Gothic. Sweet. By the time we finished our food, the line was gone and we went right in. Found a single stool spot up high on stage left and I squeezed Kim in. I just hung behind her standing but I could see just fine. Not my usual down low and up front vantage point but I wanted Kim to have a good time and not be pushed around by sweaty people.

The first band up was The Veer Union. I knew a couple songs of theirs. The lead singer had a sick Mohawk and was pretty crowd friendly. Seemed like good kids. Kids? Yes, at times these guys look like high schoolers to me. Thought it was cool when the singer pulled out a Flip camera and started taking video of the crowd. Go Cisco!

The Veer Union

Next was Burn Halo. They started right out with Dirty Little Girl so that kind of blew the load right off the bat for me. The lead singer seemed like he went to a Scott Weiland School of Performance. He was trying to make similar dance moves but they didn’t seem as effortless as Scottie. Kim noticed the same thing. I just didn’t dig them as well as Veer. Music was flat or something. Always a surprise when the 1st band kind of outdoes the 2nd band. Oh well.

Burn Halo

Then it was time for Puddle of Mudd to come on stage. Wasn’t till about 10:15. The crowd was eager for them but the floor was pretty tame. Guess I am used to a little more of a headbanger crew. I had gotten a setlist from a prior show on the tour so I was prepped with the order of songs pretty much to a tee. No surprises for me. Wes continues to be a quirky and funny dude with a big smile and loud scream.

Puddle of Mudd

Just a few songs from the end of the show, I feel my phone vibrating in my pocket. Its Grandma. Crap. I answer and run out to the smoker’s area outside so I can hear. Kayla has been crying for quite a while and she doesn’t know what to do. I gave some suggestions and told her our status. Went back to the show. Most of the band members from the first two bands were hanging in the lobby signing stuff, selling shirts, taking pictures, etc. So fun at these small clubs when the openers and sometimes the headliners do a free meet-and-greet in the lobby. For the big boys, you have to be in the fan club and blow somebody. Not here.

Anyway, back to the show. Kim didn’t even notice I left! I let that song finish and then told Kim that Grandma called. Concert mode went off and Mommy mode went on. Figured the night was over now. Kim left to call her and returned a song later saying we should head home. 2 songs from the end. I couldn’t complain. Could have been worse…could have been before they ever hit the stage! Hate leaving a show early but those are the breaks.

These 2 girls next to us spent the whole concert trying to video the show. Mainly watching through the viewfinder. I was screaming right over their heads the whole time so I hope they enjoy that extra audio soundtrack. Kim noted that was goofy on the way home that they were doing that. I concurred yet I video shows too. However, I just like to capture a sense of the band, the crowd, the venue, and the vibe. Its not meant to be a replacement for going — more to show you a glimpse of what it was like there that night. Given my further back position, I didn’t really care much tonight about getting more than a couple of minutes. So here you go…a bit of Blood on the Table and Blurry.

Pretty successful outing overall. Always happy when Kim comes out with me so I don’t have to worry about being out and away all night getting my rock on. Felt very relaxed for me for that reason. Probably stressful for her to leave Kayla but hey, its gotta happen sometime! She told me after that she doesn’t want to hit any other shows for a while or until Kayla is older. OK — that should work out — because I have two tickets to Green Day in August in the pit!

Thanks to Grandma for a good ole try. Our kids seem to even stump the masters!

BTW, love the Gothic. My favorite venue in town now.