Run: Green Mountain (7.25 mi)

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9 days to go…

My main focus right now is getting back to my pre-vacation state of mind and body. Feeling a little foggy and tired given the sleep challenges presented by Kayla lately. Might have to nap sometime over the weekend. So when Kayla woke up again (every 2 hours!) at 6:30 this morning, I knew I might as well get up and put my workout in. I knew that JV and Tony were meeting at 7:30 for Green. I figured if I got a jump on them I could beat/meet them at the top.

Parked and ran up the road only to find JV’s car there already. WTF? I started in on my run and bumped into him on the trail. He was “pulling a Zack”. I told him of my plan and headed on up. He went back to the TH. I walked a few of the steeper sections to the lodge to catch my breath. A week away from Colorado at sea level does no favors for mountain runs. The descent from Reprieve Point was the only ice I had seen so I took that nice and slow. Ended up at the lodge at a PR time of about 19 flat. I wasn’t pushing it and walked some. I am so ready to TT this trail.

Stopped at the bathroom and then proceeded up the next section. Immediately the lack of traction on my shoes nailed me. This early in the morning, the trail is total ice. Damn it. If I had spikes, I would be cruising but I had heard you didn’t need them anymore after the last melt. Guess not. Maybe after lunch time or so but then you would be in slush. Pick you poison. I did my best but was walking and sliding and jumping for rocks and logs. I didn’t want to fall and be like “sorry, Boston — I have a broken body part”. Took it easy and figured a freight train was going to catch me. The ice cleared a bit after the 4-way and I got on the summit all by myself. Waited a few minutes until the crew arrived.

We chatted about various things mostly centering around upcoming events. Seems like we have all been training for months and its finally go time this month. Oh, and apparently, there was a Lucho sighting at the TH but I wasn’t there for it. Drat. Time to motor on. Tony was off on a 6 hour run while JV and I decided to come back down Flagstaff Road so we didn’t bust our asses on the ice. That was a great call. Got some good steady downhill in. Steeper than Boston but hoping since I can handle Flag with no problem, longer and not as steep will be cake.

It was fun getting out there today on the mountain again. Good seeing some dudes after a week of solo runs in Hawaii. Felt better after the run but not so much during the run. I usually need 3 days after a break and/or sea level visit to get back on track. Hopefully, tomorrow starts feeling tight. Then we get on a plane later in the week to go back to sea level and the cycle repeats!

I went 7.25 miles with an elevation gain of 2,448 feet in 01:31:55, which is an average pace of 12:40. Heart rate average was 149. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.