Spring Break 2010

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Well, we made it back home. Whenever I go to Hawaii, I always remember why I don’t go often — that’s a long flight over there. Oh well. The travel groans go away in hours and all you are left with is great memories.

I think everyone really enjoyed themselves this year. Our annual beach trip has been Mexico-centric for so long. Then last year with the H1N1 we bailed on it. Babies and swine flu did not mix. So when you want to stay in the US and go to a beach — there is no better one in my opinion — you go to Hawaii. Kim and I were married there and spent our honeymoon touring the islands. We have been back since with Sydney to Maui for a week. This was the next Hawaiian adventure. Kim talked about returning to Maui but I said no. I like Maui — a lot. But after 2 trips there, I think I have seen everything notable. A return trip would be doing stuff again. So I opted for the busier Waikiki Beach. With 3 kids burning up calories, it is nice to have a McDonald’s next to the beach. Ice cream? Be right back. McNuggets? Be right back. That gave us more time on the beach with happier kids. Gave me time to explore more of Oahu so I could check it off the list. We didn’t have to do the big tourist stuff like Pearl Harbor because we did that last time. So we got to enjoy the fabulous beach, sights, and city life that was right out our doorstep. Quite a change from that last trip to Costa Rica in that sense.

I ended up doing 3 kids times 7 days worth of blog posts covering the group and their own individual adventures. The “highlight” was clearly Sydney’s accident. Will remember that one for years and years to come.

I did pretty well with running. 7 vacation days — ran all but 1 as a planned rest day. 2 travel days — ran 1, couldn’t on the other. Did some hills. Did a long run. Took it easy. Taper-ish stuff. Sea level effects were seen briefly but usually not a big deal with heat, humidity, gawking, and being on vacation. Would love to return and run some of the real trails there but you need a car to get to them from Waikiki and that wasn’t me this time.

We are back home after 3 plane flights. The girls all did great on the trip! Here is a slideshow of all the photos — with some you haven’t seen.

Planning for Spring Break 2011 started already…wonder where to next!

Our hotel internets were slow as shit so I got behind waiting on stuff to upload. Hope you enjoyed following along.