Mahalo Apple

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I was slightly crushed when I found out Apple was shipping the iPad on April 3rd. Right in the middle of Spring Break! How will I get mine so I have it ASAP? I could have it shipped to my home and have a neighbor grab it…no, Apple makes you sign! Drat.

Sometime later that day my brain had another thought — what if I go to an Apple Store in Hawaii? Do they have these glorious things there? Searching….bingo! There are 3 freaking Apple Store in Hawaii. I could reserve one and pick it up there! Rock on. Now, I won’t have a car so which is closest. Ah, the one in the Royal Hawaiian. That sounds familiar. Mapping…its 0.1 miles from my hotel. Oh, its in the mall that lines the front of our hotel. Magic!


So I took the day off from running because I needed a rest day. We ate breakfast at about 9 AM. I then walked over around 10 AM and met no line. Gave them my name. They handed me an iPad. I was back to my room dropping off the device in minutes.

Unfortunately, I haven’t played with it at all. I am on vacation for god sakes. The hunt was the best part of it. I do need to get it going before we head home. I have plans to read a book on the way back across the Pacific!