Return to Hanauma Bay

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Kim and I wanted to take the kids snorkeling. Hanauma Bay is probably the best experience we have had doing this prior. However, we knew nobody would want to go all day and we didn’t want to be on a shuttle schedule. So after some research on my morning run, I figured out how to take the public bus over there. We got the whole crew moving only to find out that a ton of other people had the same idea of public transportation. Luckily, we had an early stop on the route because by the end of Waikiki, they were passing bus stop lined with people holding snorkeling gear who shook their heads in grief. About 30 minutes on the bus and we arrived!


Fortunately (but unfortunately), the place has changed. They instituted many new conservation tactics. One of which was watching a movie about the place and learning about how to preserve it. Nice but I don’t want to stand around and watch a film. Just make me read something. The bad news was that you couldn’t feed the fish anymore. 10 years ago the fish would swarm you and you would just throw food at them — almost to get them away from you because it was freaky. Now, no swarms. Not as many fish either. Kind of a step backwards in experience. Hopefully, it helps truly conserve the place.

Spending most of my time blogging the adventures in greater detail on Sydney’s, Reagan’s, and Kayla’s blog. So by the time its my turn, I am too tired to write up much for me.