Boulder Skyline Traverse (14.18 mi)

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JV proposed something longer for today. We are in a bit of a warm weather streak in Colorado this week. So I said let’s do it and took the day off work so there were no time constraints. The obvious choice was the full traverse. I attempted a partial version of this last summer under my own round trip powers. … Read More

Run: Magnolia Road (14.29 mi @ 08:37)

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Can a brother get a rest day? Simon AKA Race Timing Colorado pinged me yesterday for another Boulder run minutes after I got back home from that long run. Couldn’t pass it up. We went up to Magnolia Road because both of us were virgins at that route. Wanted to see what the fuss was about. Roads were a mix … Read More

Run: Slow 18M (18.11 mi @ 08:04)

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Good morning. Its March. Spring is coming. But we got a dusting of snow last night. Roads were clean in the morning and temps were in the 30s. Thought it was going to be much worse out today so I mentally pushed the 22M long run out till later in the week when the forecast looks like spring. Since I … Read More