Hike: Gregory Canyon (1.99 mi)

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This morning we woke up to a full on spring-ish snow storm. Big dump of 5-10″ but it was melting on the streets. I would be soaked if I ran and my dirt roads are no good on these days. I could go down to the treadmill. Nah. I could take a rest day. Nah. How about a dog hike? … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.45 mi)

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First time in a while I was all by myself. I forgot my HR monitor too. Suck. Oh well, I just cranked up my tunes and motored to the top. Never really paying attention to the watch because I felt off. Just sluggish and sort of bloated. Nothing fun. Hit the top and looked down and it was a PR. … Read More

Run: Steady 20M (20.45 mi @ 07:47)

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Brownie said “Bring back the graphs!” in the comments yesterday! By all means…just for you bro! Here is a special one I came up with today to commemorate the assignment of the bibs. Hopefully, you can figure out who is who. Otherwise, there is an app for that. Wasn’t so impressed with this run by itself. But given the training … Read More