March 2010 Training Summary (355.89 Miles)

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355.89 miles in 31 outings in a time of 53:14:03 with an elevation gain of 33,522 feet at an average heart rate of 143.

Wow? That month set a new PR for total miles in a month. Interestingly, I felt way more accomplishment when I set my previous PR last year with 310 heading into the Denver Marathon. I felt like I did nothing but run back then. This month, I felt like I got out a lot but didn’t put down some of the 2-fers that I could have and tried to be good about rest. A 400+ mile month isn’t so far out of reach come summer. This is a temporary record.

I have put down a pretty solid block in these first 3 months of 2010. I usually forget that these months took place during winter — because I didn’t use it as an excuse this year. I thought we had a rather mild winter. However, it did rank as the 7th(?) snowiest of all time. That didn’t stop my efforts. I did go to the treadmill more than ever before — given “ever before” was like 0. Probably a half-dozen times total. But outdoors, and more often the trails, was where I belonged.

The thing I tend to take for granted the most is the consistency. I never let myself say no to a run. In fact, the natural response was to figure out how to make it work each day. That is a gamechanger from previous years of running where I still had to convince myself to get out there. This season, it was more like — the worse it is, the more I need to man up and get it done.

6 Green Mountain summits this month. Down from prior months but still a good number of times getting down there. Dropped it down a touch to focus on the roads — temporarily.

Got that big 33 mile run in. Going to continue to push that angle as well. That was my longest training run ever. 2nd longest run behind the Leadville 50.

Bummed that Brownie beat me out in miles for the month. I thought I had him but as the days counted down, Spring Break rolled around and I had oceans to cross and new mountains to climb.