Run: Easy 7M (7.09 mi @ 08:20)

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Good news today: EU, U.S. Justice Department Approve Cisco’s $3.4 Billion Acquisition of Tandberg. Putting #1 and #3 together will continue to help us redefine the potential of TelePresence. Does good things for me personally too!

Got to sleep in today…its Spring Break. Maybe tomorrow it will seem more like Spring Break.

Back to the run, nice and easy. Knees were stiff to start from yesterday. Didn’t feel fatigued. Just not fast. Cruised around the neighborhood to avoid a ton of wind. Warm out today. Took some pride in the fact that I was able to run 7 today with no issue. No issues on the stairs either. 26.2 (and more) doesn’t seem to wipe me out like it used to. Endurance is improving.

Was looking for some new LunarTrainers for late April and it looks like Nike is phasing them out. Crap! Might have to stock up where I can find them.

Took all the kids out to dinner by myself so Kim could get some stuff done. Had my favorite Tacos al Carbon de Pollo. Then had a milkshake after dinner. I was in calorie replacement mode tonight after the big burn yesterday. The Mariachi band was there tonight so the kids broke out into dance in the aisle.

Crossed 500+ users for Now Playing usage on Twitter. I have more users than that but the Twitter functionality is still rolling out. Glad to see people are digging the feature!

Twitter / Applications: Now Playing

I went 7.09 miles with an elevation gain of 363 feet in 00:59:09, which is an average pace of 08:20. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.