Weekly Training Summary (93.00 miles / 13:38:53)

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Ah, glad that week is over. I think the cold and wind put me into a head funk that when combined with nearing the crux of the training cycle put me in a shitty mood. I had those “why do I do this?” moments this week. I guess that is good? If I didn’t, maybe I was being too easy on myself. Here is the week that was.

Mon – Steady 16M

Tue – Easy 9M

Wed – 6 x 1M Fast wu/cd

Thu – Steady 9M

Fri – Brisk 5M wu/cd

Sat – Steady 10M

Sun – Home to Green Mountain / Green Mountain to Bus

Mileage would have been lower if I hadn’t gone for the super long run on Sunday. I moved the following Monday’s long run back a day because of scheduling issues. That gave me the double long run week I guess. The middle of the week was spent doing speedwork type stuff that sucked the life out of me. Did most of it on the treadmill because I didn’t want to go outside. I think that worked out because the treadmill is so dead on for pace where outside I tend to wander all over the place. Anyway, I got through it and was happy to be done.

Staying off the hills this week was purposeful given the flack I have gotten for being on them possibly too much. But I don’t totally agree with the consensus but I guess I have to prove that on race day. However, when I saw an angle to get a hill day and a long run day in one, that sounded very juicy.

Graph time! C’mon, you only have to sit through a few more weeks of this.

Performance Management Chart 2010-03-28

Last: CTL = 109 / ATL = 147 / TSB = -38

This: CTL = 116 / ATL = 153 / TSB = -37

This weeks results are COMPLETELY skewed by the long run to Green Mountain. I was at a nice -26 TSB until I added that in and blew it back. This was intentional. I felt like -26 was too low 3 weeks out. Tony reminded me of this by asking “Dude, don’t tell me you’ve already begun tapering. Three weeks out?”. The numbers show I can still taper back to positive before that. So I wanted to dip/hold one more time before really kicking it down a notch. The graphs show that true taper starts on April 3rd.

So checkpoints. Nothing hurts. That toe thing went away after a week without microspikes on my shoes. Feet feel fine. Legs are tired but nothing hurts when I run. Weight is down yet again. I was 140 flat after eating everything I could get my hands on post-run today. Probably some lingering dehydration in there but I feel like I can get to the start line at Boston sub-140. That’s down 5-6 from Denver last fall.

Brandon’s Boston Performance Survey still open!

This week I will be training at sea level…stay tuned! 3 weeks till race day. I just need to convince myself I am going to fucking kill it now. And hope we have good weather.