Run: Steady 16M (16.54 mi @ 07:03)

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The criticisms all but put me down, it just makes me stronger, look at where I am at right now… [PoM]

Had a middle of the day meeting so I couldn’t get my long run in the morning. So I opted to go after. That meant I had to eat. Damn. So I put down soup and Cheerios. This ended up working out OK. The usual stuff makes me feel crampy for the run. Not today. Got the meeting over and took a caffeine shot to continue that experiment. Those work. Shirtless and ready!

Damn it. Windy! There was a massive headwind outbound that showed up for the afternoon. So I changed up my plans. I had planned on a slow 22M run but it was so windy that I just didn’t want to go that extra hour. So I opted to do some goal pace testing by running a shorter long run but doing it in pseudo-intervals. The interval distances were not set. One stretch was 5+ miles. Another was 0.75 miles. Often they ended up being set by red traffic lights where I had to stop or the larger hills that I didn’t want to burn out on. My goal was to hover in or below goal pace for Boston. Seeing where HR ran and how I felt. I focused on the downhill and flat sections mostly. The goal was some higher intensity stuff but not coming home feeling like I just ran a marathon.


Good news was that I progressively lowered pace all day long (except the last mile where I was in cool down mode). I got into some good rhythms and found myself doing 6:30 at about a 148 HR 14 miles in so I had to back down a bit. During mile 15, I hit a 183 HR which wasn’t optimal but I was just ripping it up as I approached home and I was trying to blow it up. 185 is my theoretical max so I was really surprise to see this but it felt right. I haven’t pushed myself up there in a long time. Overall, the average HR was 150 which is a few beats shy of my overall average for the race. Overall pace was off by 10 seconds but I had a bunch of factors that I won’t have on race day: wind (oh, maybe), altitude, positive elevation profile, carrying water, ran 17 yesterday, no taper, etc.

Looking at my moving time, I set a new 1/2 marathon PR today in the wind. I don’t know what to say about that but it was a brief glimpse of some sort of success. Always feels good to be nipping at prior PRs that you actually tapered for last season now on random mid-cycle days…even if there were pauses involved.

I went 16.54 miles with an elevation gain of 533 feet in 01:56:48, which is an average pace of 07:03. Heart rate average was 150. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.