Weekly Training Summary (71.04 miles / 11:21:36)

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Having fun but not looking like it…

Green Mountain Snow Day

As mentioned, I gravitated towards the mountains this week. I knew that would knock down my total mileage for the week but my goal was to reduce the load while keeping the intensity. I feel like running hills is a great way to get the intensity without the impact. Although, I did leave the week feeling guilty about not hitting the road more. But during my medium long run this morning, I just wanted it to end. Boring. Doesn’t happen on the trails. Anyway, the week that was…

Mon – Green Mountain

Tues – Steady 20M

Wed – Steady 10M

Thur – Green Mountain / Easy 5M

Fri – Off / Dog Hike

Sat – Green Mountain

Sun – Easy 17M

The off day was sort of weather related. I hadn’t planned on it but it ended up being OK. Been good about doing rest days on poor weather days. 1 calendar month from Boston came and went mid-week so I feel like the big work is all wrapped up but now its all about how I “put the icing on the cake’. Here is the mind-numbing graph. You only have to deal with about 3 more of these since I won’t post them weekly after-Boston.

Performance Management Chart 2010-03-21

Last: CTL = 102 / ATL = 144 / TSB = -42

This: CTL = 109 / ATL = 147 / TSB = -38

I need to start trending my TSB back to 0 in order to hit the taper so any drop was a good thing. Shooting to hold steady or another slight move this week then setup for bigger jumps towards 0. I hit a season high ATL of 151 mid-week. I don’t think I want that sneaking back up that high again before Boston.

This week I hope to get back on track with my actual plan. I have strayed from it quite a bit lately with the hills and bigger miles. They still have me at 50-60 miles per week. Hey, its a cookie cutter Runner’s World baseline plan. I have been shying away from the speed work days but I need to put those back together now to give myself a proper sharpening phase. I feel stronger/fitter than ever. But not faster. The thought of running an all out 5k or 10k right now makes me sick. That would not be fun. If I am good and get some of that done, then I hope to do something that does sound fun — time trials on Sanitas (just to get the monkey off my back) and Green with dry trails.

No aches or pains really while running. When not running, I feel creaky at times. I have this lingering “turf toe” type thing with my right big toe. Frankly, I think its some damage from the microspikes shoving down into the top of my shoe and a slight toe stub. Found it hurts when I wear Crocs so I put them on the shelf. Wearing my road running shoes around town now. Feels fine and safer in there. Otherwise, nothing bad to report.

Weight is holding steady. Maybe up a tick. But I ate a lot this week. Felt like feeding the monster a bit more. Was feeling tired a lot and I figured that had a lot to do with it.

I have the big sea level experiment in ~10 days. That should give me a glimpse of what’s to come on race day.

Running a survey on your Boston Predictions for me. Do it now! Prizes involved. Got a few responses so far. Will publish the predictions as we get closer and submissions tail off.

Stay heavy.